Marion  Academy  Annual Charity Deer Hunt

January 15th -16th, 2011

Privately owned land in the heart of deer country - the black belt soils of Alabama.  Rich in hardwood and pine timber, much of this land has been under game management practices for many years.  Abundant cover and browse support a healthy and growing deer population. 

Many hunters go a lifetime without seeing the number of deer harvested on this land.  Trophy bucks are killed each year.  January is the prime rutting time and the bucks will be on the move!  While we cannot guarantee that BIG ONE for each hunter, we can promise some of the finest hunting in America.

In addition to the hunting, you will experience Southern style hospitality.  Good food, good companionship, and outlandish stories about the one that got away will make this your hunting trip of the year!

General Information:

The Marion Academy Deer Hunt is a fundraiser for a private school in this area.  Local hunters will be donating their time and their "best in the south" deer stands.  This hunting event will take place the weekend of January 15th - 16th, 2011.

Hunting Package:

Base package includes three hunts:  two on Saturday (January 15th) and one on Sunday (January 16th).  Transportation to and from the hunting sites and the cleaning and quartering of the game are included.  Meals and lodging are included.


Base Package - $900.00                      Private Room Option - $50.00


To reserve a hunting slot please return this form or call 334/683-9166 or 334/ 683-8204.  A deposit of $450.00 is required to reserve a slot.  Balance is due by December 1, 2010.  You will be expected to share a room or you may opt to pay an additional $50.00 for a private room.

Check in:

Check in time is 12 noon to 6 p.m. at the Gateway Inn on Friday night (January 14th). Check out time is 12 noon after the last hunt on Sunday morning.

Hunting Requirements:

An Alabama state hunting license is required and a three-day license may be obtained for $120.00. You may obtain a license when you arrive in Marion.  Hunter orange must be worn during the hunt.  No alcoholic beverages are allowed during the hunt.

What to bring:

Each hunter should bring own weapon and ammo (no shotguns).  Each hunter will need a flashlight, rain gear, and a large cooler.  Large coolers will be available for purchase.

Hunting Limits:

Deer only!  Alabama hunting laws allow each hunter to take one doe and one buck per day.  Some hunting clubs and landowners may have additional restrictions.


The Gateway Inn is on the south side of Marion on Alabama Highway 5.  Commercial airlines fly into Dannelly Field in Montgomery, Alabama.  Rent a car from Montgomery to Marion (app. 75 miles one-way).  Private planes fly into Vaiden Field (10 miles south of The Gateway Inn).  You may fly into Birmingham as well (75 miles).

Cancellation Policy:

There will no refunds if a reservation is cancelled after December 15th, 2011.






Contact us at: Marion Academy • 2002 Prier Drive • Marion, AL 36756 • Phone: 334-683-8204